my run here is over now.

Oh boy, here I go.

I started realizing this a couple months ago, but I was too afraid to leave this blog since I worked so hard on it... But it eventually smacked me square in the face. This EXO blog has really taken over a majority of my life, if I may say so. I used to be very enthusiastic about this blog, blogging many things everyday, but I was careful to not immerse myself too much into Tumblr. Unfortunately, after awhile I eventually did. In addition, I started to develop a different, unhealthy mentality about this blog. Every time I'd go out for the whole day, I'd worry about losing followers. Every time I'd forget to set a queue, I'd worry about losing followers. Then when I do lose a follower, I'd blog two times as much to gain another. I realized that things were going bad. It wasn't really about EXO anymore; it was about numbers. And blogging EXO became something I had to do, not something I wanted to do. Having a Tumblr blog shouldn't be like that... being an EXO fan shouldn't be like that either... it sounds so sick and wrong.

I semi-left for a week to see how it was-- I forgot about the follower count, forgot about EXO, forgot about the internet, and just went to places around my city with my cousins. I felt a lot better and my life felt a little less stuffy, so I came to this decision to leave.

If you are or were a follower of mine at any point in time, thank you so much for clicking that follow button. I regret that I didn't interact with my followers (it was a little too late to start, anyway), but please know that I appreciated every single one of you. And to the few friends I made here, you know who you are, thank you so much for taking the initiative to talk to me. I really appreciate you all.

I'll still be lurking around Tumblr on my other blogs sometimes, and yes, I'll still love EXO and K-Pop forever, but this blog's run is pretty much over now. Thanks for everything, everyone. -Karen :)